Physiotherapy Promoting Health

Promoting Health with Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist in Pretoria Aims to Promote Health and Optimise Function

As we tackle our daily chores, often taking on tasks that should not be tackled single-handedly, minor sprains and strains are almost inevitable. Unfortunately, when affected, many of us choose to overlook the discomfort rather than interrupting our endeavours to seek treatment. Over time, however, minor aches and pains have a habit of becoming more severe, when left untreated. When facing the reality of ongoing and increasing discomfort, avoiding interruption is no longer an option as the time has undoubtedly come to pay a visit to a physiotherapist. Whether in Pretoria or elsewhere, it should be a simple matter to locate one of these specialised healthcare professionals and to get expert help.

While a GP might examine a painful shoulder or elbow, the outcome will often be a prescription for painkillers and, in some cases, this might be sufficient. However, there is also a risk that, by masking the pain without determining and treating its root cause, continued activity could be unconsciously making the original problem worse. By contrast, the more hands-on approach adopted by physiotherapists, from Pretoria to Perth, is to focus on finding physical causes for the pain and then applying physical remedies. 

Sometimes, however, what is required of a physiotherapist is not to treat injuries, but to prevent them. A rugby player or an athlete in Pretoria, for example, constantly faces the risk of injury through physical contact or over-exertion. In addition to treating their injuries, specialist practitioners are also able to prescribe exercises that are designed to strengthen vulnerable joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons in order to make them far less susceptible to common sports injuries.

The treatments they offer are varied and range from the application of heat or cold to manual therapy. In Pretoria, perhaps, a physiotherapist might also make use of advanced technology to administer suitable treatments. For example, the high-frequency sound waves known as ultrasound and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) are both very effective technological approaches commonly used in order to relieve pain and speed up recovery. By contrast, given that its origins are a great deal older, acupuncture is also an option that is often adopted by these specialised healthcare practitioners for similar purposes.

Technology aside, manual therapy is still one of the most widely-used treatment options. It is effective for the relief of stiffness and pain, as well as helping to improve circulation. In addition, manual therapy can aid the drainage of fluids from tissues, improve mobility, and relieve tension by promoting relaxation.

Whether in Pretoria or Parys, if you are experiencing muscular aches and pains, or recovering from surgery or an injury, a physiotherapist could be the answer.

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